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The following are some of my current publications as a main or contributing author.


Majestic nature, epic journeys, cultural powerhouses and out-of-this-world experiences. This new photo-rich, hardback guide is packed with practical trip-planning tips and information on the most authentic local sights and activities.
In this part of the world, it’s easy to tap into that sense that we’re all a part of something bigger: the expansive vistas from atop a mesa that stretch to the edge of a curving earth, the transcendent arc of the Milky Way spanning the night sky. The hundreds of millions of geological years that unfold as your eye follows a canyon wall downwards, and the howls of coyotes that give you a shiver as you soak in a hot spring.
Spectacular vistas, endless powder runs and mountain towns with echoes of the Old West. Colorado is a place that has forever beckoned people to adventure. Find all the best places to hit the slopes, pitch your tent and spot bighorn sheep in the sun-kissed Centennial State.
Discover the freedom of the open road with Southwest USA’s Best Trips. Featuring 32 amazing road trips through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada, from one-day escapes to ten day adventures, packed full of expert advice and inspirational suggestions.
Some people rally around the local sports teams, but in Paris, they rally around la table – and everything on it. Pistachio macarons, shots of tomato consommé, decadent boeuf bourguignon, a gooey wedge of Camembert running onto the cheese plate: food is not fuel here, it’s the reason you get up in the morning. Paris is for lovers, dreamers and serious eaters. Get started here.
Antique yet up-to-the-minute, familiar yet unrecognizable, outwardly urban but quintessentially rural, conservative yet path-breaking, space-age but old-fashioned, China is a land of mesmerising and eye-opening contradictions. From bus schedules in rural Wuyuan to the best dumplings and concert venues in Shanghai, Lonely Planet China has you covered.
This is why you’ve come to Utah. Labyrinthine canyons, red-rock spires, moonlit desert arches and slickrock playgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a couch potato or hardcore thrill-seeker equipped with a GoPro. Grab a bike, rope or paddle and get out there and have fun!
Explore the vibrant world of craft beer with Lonely Planet’s ale experts. We’ve selected the finest tap rooms, bars and breweries that thirsty travellers can visit in 30 countries around the world. Discover where they are, which beers to sample, and learn about local places of interest to create complete itineraries.
Your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you in all 59 of the USA’s nationally protected lands. Catch the country’s ‘first sunrise’ from the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia, take the drive of your life on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier, and climb the otherworldly rocks of Joshua Tree – all with your trusted travel companion!
The engine of China’s future, Shanghai dazzles with its metamorphosing cityscape and inexhaustible verve, beckoning millions with promises of opportunity, glamour and reinvention. If you’re coming to Shanghai and want an in-depth guide to the city, this is the book for you.

Shanghai has never been about what has already happened; it is about what is going to happen. While Beijing may pull the country’s strings, Shanghai is the pacesetter when it comes to future aspirations. Pocket sized and easy to dip into, this Shanghai guide is perfect for short breaks.
Discover the freedom of the open road with USA’s Best Trips. We’ve selected 52 amazing road trips through the US, from two-day escapes to week-long adventures, and packed them full of expert advice and inspirational suggestions. Whether you want to explore the Pacific Coast Highways, Route 66 or the Rocky Mountains, we’ve got the trip for you.
The great American experience is about so many things: bluegrass and beaches, snow-covered peaks and redwood forests, restaurant-loving cities and big open skies. This guide will get you to the heart of the US, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice.
Asia: a continent of candid contradictions, unmatched mayhem and mystery, where just one experience will never quite articulate the magic of the place. A fisherman’s song at dawn on the banks of the Mekong, a chaos of color on the ghats of the Ganges, the silence of the vast steppes of Kazakhstan, a marching mile of red hats along the Great Wall road: Asia is all this and more.
National Geographic Traveler: Beijing presents a comprehensive portrait of the city, including the dramatic changes it underwent for the 2008 Olympics. The guide features cut-away illustrations of renowned structures plus descriptions of such well-known sites as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace.
From its Roman ruins and medieval hill towns to the glitzy beaches and casinos of Cannes and Monaco, one of southern France’s most glorious regions is beautifully presented in National Geographic Traveler: Provence & the Côte d’Azur.