I grew up in the Philadelphia area and, after an initial foray into biology, I went on to study Chinese at Colorado College, Yunnan Shifan Daxue in China, and National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. At the latter I met Perrine, a fellow student from France, and following two years of studies we bounced around from Taipei (where I worked as a newspaper editor) to Shanghai (where we ran out of money) to Berkeley (where I worked for a book publisher), before finally settling in Paris (where I had to relearn all of my high school French). Two children and one decade later, we returned to Colorado to begin a new adventure-filled chapter, though one that is sadly lacking in croissants.

I continue to work as a freelance writer, editor, and translator, but my insatiable curiosity ensures there are still plenty of surprises in store. And, of course, after the kids are in bed, sometimes I still imagine my other life, where I roam the world studying dusky langurs and water beetles. Thankfully, in this alternate reality there is no need to destroy the beauty of the moment with statistical analysis.

Email: christofino [at] gmail [dot] com

Rates, references, and project scheduling available on request.

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