Working toward perfection

The following are some of the publications that I have worked on as an editor.

Lonely Planet Kids: The Travel Book (U.S. edition)
This incredible book covers every country in the world, with amazing facts on sports, wildlife, how people live, their fabulous food and a wide range of quirky insights on every page. With a mix of stunning photography and beautiful illustrations, every country is brought to life before your eyes.
The Ritz Paris: Mixing Drinks, A Simple Story
by Colin Peter Field

The head barman from the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz Paris invites you to sample some of the world’s greatest cocktails through 140 original recipes.

Two Degrees Too High
by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and GoodPlanet

We’ve all heard the bad news on climate change, but there is a positive side as well: it has created a new form of global responsibility.

Speaking to History: The Story of King Goujian in Twentieth-Century China
Speaking to Historyby Paul Cohen

“An important work for understanding modern China’s desire to shake off its ‘century of shame.’ It takes us to a deeper level of understanding of China’s sometimes fragile national psyche.”—Ian Johnson, Wall Street Journal

The Crusades, Christianity, and Islam
by Jonathan Riley-Smith

*A Booklist 2008 Editors’ Choice*

Crusading features prominently in today’s religio-political hostilities, yet the perceptions of these wars have been deeply distorted by the language and imagery of nineteenth-century European imperialism.

How East Asians View Democracy
by Andrew Nathan et al.

“Essential reading.” — China Perspectives

East Asian democracies are in trouble, their legitimacy threatened by poor policy performance and undermined by nostalgia for the progrowth, soft-authoritarian regimes of the past.